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The firm Riccardo Rivoli Design is the owner of the brand "ILS Collection" (Italian Life Style Collection) . ILS Collection is actively promoting his style Made in Italy on the international markets of contract and residential furnishings.
Riccardo Rivoli is an industrial designer with educational and vocational training in Milano , Italy .
In the year 2003, Riccardo started his own design-oriented studio encompassing all processes from product-planning through marketing.
Chairs , small armchairs, tables and small furniture’s are the main products .
The emphasis of the production is in the enhancement of local expertise with valuable materials and fine craftsmanship .
Interested parties turning to Riccardo Rivoli Design can be confident of getting a high degree of attention by an experienced designer for all requirements involving form and function . This is achieved because Riccardo , besides solutions obtainable from ILS Collection , is able to develop also fully customized , completely new products according to individual requirements. The latter is made easier thanks to Riccardo's cooperation’s with other designers , architects and planners.
The competence , reliability and timeliness of Riccardo Rivoli Design are instrumental in gaining and maintaining the confidence of a number of the most important international hotel chains , restaurants , coffee bars , professional studios and private residences as well .
The next international Fairs at which Riccardo Rivoli Design will put the models of the ILS Collection on display are as follow: - Milano , April 2012 : International Furniture Fair.